Makars Mound 2 Go (12 Bank St)

Amazing Scottish Street Food just of the Royal Mile
Seasonal Opening Times

Eating at the award winning Makars should be enjoyed at a relaxed pace. We aim to make it the highlight of your day after all! Sometimes though, you just don't have that time to spare... BUT what to do??? I hear you sigh!!!

Makars Mound 2 Go offers the same great menu choices but in pots that you can either take out, eat in or even get delivered by our friends at Deliveroo. A fantastic way to sneak a try of our amazing haggis, sausages or mash all made by the same team that won the TripAdvisor UK Casual Dinning of the year and well known for the culinary heroics.

Situated just of the Royal Mile, and neighbours to our original Makars Mash Bar Mound, Makars 2 Go enjoys one of the most sought after locations in Edinburgh. On the bustling Mound which links Edinburgh Old and New Towns it is an iconic location to spend time admiring this wonderful city.

Located just at the top of the Mound

Working with local artisan producers

"An Edinburgh culinary hero"!

Just off the Royal Mile

Fast romance

Quality, ethical proper Scottish food

Come on over to see.

Great Vegetarian & GF options


Love Edinburgh

Love Makars